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Format: eBook
Author: Bryan Sha'
Chapters: N/A
Page Count: 18
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Summary: When we say we love God, do we really love him, or do we simply like him when things seem to be going good in our lives? Many of would claim the former with words but prove the latter with actions. Do not be dismayed, but be encouraged because the God of the living is a God of unfathomable proportions, and he cannot be contained in any one book or any one lifetime. Now, when considering how rare it is to see love practiced in day-to-day, face-to-face interactions, many will begin to see that loving an invisible God is an inconceivable notion for many. God is never changing; he is just as much of unfathomable proportions today as he was in antiquity. However, as the earth is given into the hands of men, the knowledge of God is funneled through religion. Religion is man's attempt to control that which is larger than his own life. However, every major kingdom has had religion at its base; thus, it has always had its place…at the BASE. Nevertheless, the authors of the ancient texts that many of these religions garner inspiration from were anything but base people. Their writings have lived on for thousands of years, far exceeding their natural lives, which is proof they were supernaturally inspired. This eBook will begin to scratch the surface of a dynamic of God referenced in the Bible that isn’t quite making it through the funnel of religion today: God’s utilization of evil.

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