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Who are you outside of your job?  
Who are you outside of your church?
Who are you outside of female approval?  
Who are you outside of what white people told you to be?
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The Red Pill

posted by Bryan Sha' on 13.05.19 19:15 | under The Red PillIBMOR

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 This is part 5 of my Emotional Responsibility (ER) Series.  The full series can be found on The Established Man official YouTube here

This lesson may differ from my previous lessons because it gives a glimpse into some of my more personal dealings with both my earthly and heavenly fathers.
As I was giving praise to God for developing my manhood in ways I never imagined, God spoke to me and said, "None of your potions could ever do it."  I knew exactly what he meant because his voice is the epitome of revelation.  I've come to realize that God does not yell and he most definitely does not repeat himself; his voice is often times piercing to the point of making me flinch.  But I ...


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