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Racism has re-emerged as a hot topic across virtually every media platform.  For the past several years police brutality incidences have received national news coverage, and many celebrities, athletes, and public figures have chimed in on the topic, thus giving it an even broader platform.  The black community, especially, have been enraptured in these race issues to the point of recording, via cell phone video, various day to day encounters with police officers, coworkers, supervisors, bosses, nail salons, and so forth.  Of course, when it comes to the topic of racism, white America is public enemy #1, yet, increasingly, it seems as if normal and sometimes healthy disagreements and confrontations between adults somehow finds its way into the racism paradigm, irregardless of ethnic background sometimes.
Now, I'm a firm believer that the relentless pursuit of spiritual things can afford a man the gift of understanding worldly things without being emotionally bound them.  Basically, the goal of this lesson is NOT for me to choose one side over the other, but to shed light from a perspective that will allow those who are bound to these worldly conventions the option to either endure it, or separate from it entirely.
Yes, race is a worldly convention, but that does not make it insignificant.  Everything under the sun has its rightful place and time of ruler-ship.  However, in this day and age, race is at the very bottom of this worldly system of rule.  This explains why the genetically recessive races of the world are currently dominating virtually every genetically dominant race.  Reason being is that it is not about racism, and it hasn't been about racism for a very long is about BUSINESS.
If we were to formulate any corporate entity into a diagram, it would convey a pyramid.  Hard laborers will make up the bulk of its population at the very bottom, and slots will lessen as positions become more valuable to the corporation.  At the very top of said corporation will sit some sort of CEO or CFO. 
Now, many of you who work for various companies - ranging from fast food to oil - can attest to the fact that you have never met the CEO of the very company you work for.  In fact, you could work for a company for 25 years, sit next to your CEO every morning at the coffee shop before clocking in, and never know that he's your CEO.  Many CEO's do not know or even care to know who their employees are.  Why?  Because all they care about are the numbers: This is what keeps the CEO a CEO, and the employee an employee.  So, if certain numbers do not add up in a particular facet of a company, the CEO will send a termination order down through the ranks; from boss to manager, from manager to supervisor, and from supervisor to employee until the numbers are balanced.
The CEO is motivated by his bottom line.  The boss is motivated by the potential to move up in the company.  The manager sees the future job opening as an opportunity to finally hire one of his family members, so he targets one of the lowest performing employees for termination.  And then, the supervisor - who is simply following orders - carries out the manager's request to terminate whichever employee the manager specifies.  So, if the employee is part of what is classified as a minority racial group, which prompts him to claim that his termination was racially motivated, would his claim serve true?  Understanding the totality of the situation, from the CEO to the employee, the ultimate answer would be, NO, it was just business through and through.  And, even though the manager saw the employee's termination as an opportunity to help one of his family members - whom would most likely be of the same race as the manager - he was still following corporate protocol.  How?  Because the manager would have never targeted an employee who would negatively affect the CEO's bottom line, regardless of race or ethnic background.  If the manager allows emotions or personal bias to dictate who he targets too heavily then he would be putting his own position at risk when the CEO reassesses the numbers. 
The United States has this exact corporate structure.  However, the bottom consists of the financially poor instead of employees, while the upper most portions of the pyramid is comprised with the financially elite.  The middle portion of the pyramid is comprised of the many facets of politics & religion, which periodically exchange precedence with one another, while the police force generally act as supervisors.  And, just as the CEO sends down orders based on how the numbers affect his bottom line, the U.S constructs laws, policies, and commercial codes based on how the numbers affect its bottom line.  Those who are at the bottom of the pyramid will almost always be on the losing end of everything that is passed down; not due to race, but because business is about power and influence, and those who are at the bottom of the pyramid have little to no power to influence any laws, policies, or commercial codes.
It has become apparent to to me that the Jim crow era was the last time race took precedence over business in the U.S.  It was one of the last times a business would refuse to extend services to an entire demographic of people solely due to race.  However, today, countless black males are paid millions of dollars to play a child's game.  It is not to say that some coaches, team owners, and above do not harbor any racial bias, but when it comes to business everything simply becomes a number, and black male genetics have been proven to drive ticket sales.  So, if you are part of what is classified as a racial minority and feel as if certain spaces of society are not favorable to you due to the "color of your skin", in this day and age, it is more likely that you just do not have any BUSINESS there.  Starbucks coffee shop strategically avoid placing stores in impoverished areas, so, if you plan on utilizing their services, first ask yourself, "Do I have business there?"  And, to really drive this point home, let us take a look at how billionaire Kevin O'Leary views the presidential race.
Now, notice that Kevin O'Leary said nothing about race or emotions when assessing the presidential elections.  He approaches politics from a policy angle (0:08), investment angle (0:10), and company angle (0:24). Basically, his only concern is his bottom line.  And, it is safe to conclude that if a presidential policy ever negatively affects his bottom line, he would simply adjust his business before making the claim that the system is being "unfair" or "racist".  In fact, Kevin O'Leary is the same man who said on the show, Shark Tank, "Never cry for money because money will never cry for you."  Those who reside in the lower portions of the U.S corporate pyramid have absolutely no business in the upper portions of the political realm.  This is why the financially impoverished vote based on how they personally feel about the politician irrespective of the policies the politician supports.  No business ultimately equates to no consciousness of policies.
Now, consider this: The Chinese have the lowest voter turnout rate in the United States, but there is a China Town in every major city in the country.  They seem to know and understand that they have no horse in that race, yet, their lack of participation has not swayed the polls, nor their success.  Those who are labeled as racial minorities should receive this fact as proof that within this system, feats such as these are allotted to those who know how to mind their business.  Therefore, if you wish to endure and enjoy the fruits of this system, mind your business...if not...either separate or continue to complain about how "unfair" and "racist" the system is.

Hi, I'm Bryan Sha'.  I designed The Esoteric Scribe to serve as an epicenter for some of the revelations I have received and will receive on this spiritual journey.  As I fast, pray, introspect and seek The Most High God - the God of my ancestors and of the Bible - I am pleased to document what is alloted here so that it may minister and heal those who it is meant for.  I understand that nothing in this world will last forever, but if I stay true to the spirit, these writings and lessons will supercede physical constraints and expand to territories I could never imagine.

Per this   blog it is absolutely imperative to understand that knowledge is not power.  Why is this?  One example is that cigarette smokers generally know that they are engulfed in a habit with a high mortality rate.  Now, are they choosing to slowly kill themselves, or do they simply lack the power to stop?  The truth of the matter is that   knowledge is death because it only makes us conscious of what we cannot control.  However, it is the beginning of redemption; the ressurection that can only come by way of the   spirit.  This is why   Adam brought death through knowledge, but   Christ brought   life through spirit.  Thus, the topics that are contained here may be rich in knowledge, but it should not be viewed as the end-all-be-all.  Knowledge may be the beginning of death, but it ends when the spirit gives us the power to actually do what we know.

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