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I would like to imagine that many of my readers are cognizant of the fact that Christmas has absolutely nothing to do with Christ.  I did a brief synopsis on the matter in a previous article titled, Santanic Duality.  What we now know as Christmas is actually a plethora of heathen traditions reaching as far back as Nimrod's date of birth and the Saturnalia festivals of ancient Rome.  However, these events took place during the winter solstice, which is what Christmas has essentially venerated since its inception: despite its previously noted aliases.
The winter solstice brings about the shortest day(s) of the year.  It begins around December 21st or 22nd, and then daylight hours begin to elongate around December 23rd or 24th.  As a result, the winter solstice became widely known as the death and resurrection of the sun, or the birth of a new sun.  The latter, of course, became a staple in the Christian religion, however, they simply transform 'the birth of a new sun' into 'the birth of a new son'.
Festivities surrounding the winter solstice were so prevalent in ancient times that it was mentioned by prophet Jeremiah...


Jeremiah 10:1-4

Hear ye the word which the Lord speaketh unto you, O house of Israel:

Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.

For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.

They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

Jeremiah begins by telling Israel that they should not be dismayed by the signs of heaven as the heathens are dismayed.  Though today many refer to heaven as an unseen mystical place, the prophets of old considered heaven to be everything above and beyond the earth, whether it be seen or unseen.  What they called the heavens included the clouds where the birds fly, the sun, the moon, and the constellations of the night's sky.  Therefore, the 'signs of heaven' Jeremiah alluded to was the shortening of daylight hours: the winter solstice.
In antiquity, the heathen believed that the evergreens possessed the power to renew or resurrect a dying sun.  This is due to the evergreen's sustenance in the midst of botanical dormancy brought on by winter months.  As the winter solstice shortened daylight hours, the heathen would pay tribute to the evergreens by cutting them down, placing them in their abodes, and then adorning them with silver and gold.
Now that these particulars are out of the way, let us divulge the esoteric aspect of the matter.

According to scripture, men - especially those who are in positions of leader-or-ruler-ship - are associated with trees (Matthew 7:16-20).  In fact, when Christ healed the blind man (Mark 8:23-25), he briefly allowed him to glimpse into the world from an alternate perspective.  Christ asked the man what he saw, and the man replied saying, "I see men like trees, walking.”
Today, many profess to be of God, but handle celebrities or men of stature in the exact way the heathens of antiquity handled the evergreens during the winter solstice.
Televisions are bought and placed on stands, oddly similar to altars, and droves of fanatics congregate around it at set times, paying tribute to whomever it conveys as a "star".  Fanatic support affords these celebrities the luxury of decking themselves in silver and gold.  They are protected and revered as god-like figures by the masses. 
So, those of us who are in pursuit of heavenly things with the renunciation of man-made traditions such as holidays - just physically abstaining from these things will not suffice if we do not conquer them within the faculties of our minds as well.  Yes, Jeremiah 10 is an allusion to what we now know as Christmas, but that is only at base level.  On a higher, spiritual level, Jeremiah 10 alludes to celebrity worship, which happens to be one of the more popular religions in the United States today.  This causes many Americans to profess to know God with their words, but - according to Jeremiah 10 - practice heathenism with their actions.

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Per this   blog it is absolutely imperative to understand that knowledge is not power.  Why is this?  One example is that cigarette smokers generally know that they are engulfed in a habit with a high mortality rate.  Now, are they choosing to slowly kill themselves, or do they simply lack the power to stop?  The truth of the matter is that   knowledge is death because it only makes us conscious of what we cannot control.  However, it is the beginning of redemption; the ressurection that can only come by way of the   spirit.  This is why   Adam brought death through knowledge, but   Christ brought   life through spirit.  Thus, the topics that are contained here may be rich in knowledge, but it should not be viewed as the end-all-be-all.  Knowledge may be the beginning of death, but it ends when the spirit gives us the power to actually do what we know.

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