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posted by The Esoteric Scribe on 25.11.19 21:29 | under Social Science

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Racism has re-emerged as a hot topic across virtually every media platform.  For the past several years police brutality incidences have received national news coverage, and many celebrities, athletes, and public figures have chimed in on the topic, thus giving it an even broader platform.  The black community, especially, have been enraptured in these race issues to the point of recording, via cell phone video, various day to day encounters with police officers, coworkers, supervisors, bosses, nail salons, and so forth.  Of course, when it comes to the topic of racism, white America is public enemy #1, yet, increasingly, it seems as if normal and sometimes healthy disagreements and confrontations between adults somehow finds its way into the racism paradigm, irregardless ...


Hi, I'm Bryan Sha'.  I designed The Esoteric Scribe to serve as an epicenter for some of the revelations I have received and will receive on this spiritual journey.  As I fast, pray, introspect and seek The Most High God - the God of my ancestors and of the Bible - I am pleased to document what is alloted here so that it may minister and heal those who it is meant for.  I understand that nothing in this world will last forever, but if I stay true to the spirit, these writings and lessons will supercede physical constraints and expand to territories I could never imagine.

Per this   blog it is absolutely imperative to understand that knowledge is not power.  Why is this?  One example is that cigarette smokers generally know that they are engulfed in a habit with a high mortality rate.  Now, are they choosing to slowly kill themselves, or do they simply lack the power to stop?  The truth of the matter is that   knowledge is death because it only makes us conscious of what we cannot control.  However, it is the beginning of redemption; the ressurection that can only come by way of the   spirit.  This is why   Adam brought death through knowledge, but   Christ brought   life through spirit.  Thus, the topics that are contained here may be rich in knowledge, but it should not be viewed as the end-all-be-all.  Knowledge may be the beginning of death, but it ends when the spirit gives us the power to actually do what we know.

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