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What if I told you that artificial intelligence is already here, functioning, and highly advanced.  You would probably disagree, or you would think of the latest smartphone technologies and agree.  And though cell phones have played a major role in artificial intelligence, it was never meant to springboard the infamous robot takeover that is commonly conveyed in futuristic Hollywood films.  The goal is and always has been to artificialize or synthesize human consciousness: an agenda that far exceeds the smartphone era.  In fact, this agenda exceeds many of today's electronic devices because the ruling powers actually began to synthesize human consciousness with the implementation of the straw-man in the early 1900's.  The straw-man is what we commonly refer to as ...



The learning center has evolved into more than just topics regarding the true identity of the Biblical Hebrew Israelites.  Becoming conscious of racial ills (especially in the Americas) is only the beginning of growth, just as the chaos that expunged us from the darkness of our mothers wombs: growth proceeded thereafter.  Once we endure and overcome the birthing pains of racial consciousness, all races can proceed to grow within whatever capacity God has called each and every one of us to grow.

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